The Aurora World

The Guardians Update

Guardian System, Level increase to 85, MOBA-style Clan War map, Revamped Resource Wars, New Class Skills, New Majinns and Fashions and much more!

Long ago, wise-elders looked to the heavens to tell a story that one day, a few legendary heroes would be able to unlock the secrets of the Guardians and lead all good towards salvation. These anomalies, known as guardians, were said to be embodiments of the soul that when awakened, would reveal to its owner unimaginable powers.

As many millennia passed, hope began to dwindle as such heroes never appeared. These tales became lost and forgotten, leaving behind only relics and scriptures that clung to the past. However, it seems the prophecy may come to fruition with the Demon World’s, Dragon City fortress finally opening its gates. Is this a signal that someone worthy is near?!

To unlock a guardian, one must first reach lv. 80, which will grant you the honor of speaking to the Guardian Keeper. Complete his quest and you’ll have then awakened your own guardian.

Guardians are unique in that that’ll take a specific appearance of the hero’s class and evolve as it levels. Mastering a guardian requires sole attention to it, which means that heroes can only either level the guardian or themselves, never simultaneously.

When a guardian has reached its potential, heroes can embed soul stones gathered through guardian-only dungeons to dramatically empower their souls; granting the owner immense power.

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When you feel you have mastered your guardian, muster your courage and make your way into this mythical cave. Swamped with some of the most powerful demons, you’ll need all the help you can find to challenge what lays inside!

Into the heart of the Demon World; the gates to evil’s city fortress have opened!
Uncover the lost tales of legendary battles fought between good and evil centuries ago!

The journey continues for the heroes who’ve arrived at the entrance gates of Dragon City. In order to ultimately make an effective stance against the creatures that reside deep within the fortress walls, you’ll need to become stronger!

Work in alliance with your friends and Majinn and accumulate the battle experience needed to evolve. When you’ve awakened the powerful guardians and unlocked new class skills, you’ll be ready to stare evil in the eye!

Clan Wars just got more interesting! As an elimination round between the final two clans, the final battle will be waged in a newly MOBA-inspired map known as, the Frontline.

The opposing two clans will be marked as either red or blue and individuals within the clan will need to strategize, communicate and work together to capture the enemy’s base!

One of the keys to a quick victory is the ability to capture and control enemy towers.

Building on the already exciting Nation vs Nations event, Resource Wars has added another element sure to fuel the already heated competition!

On Saturdays, the event will allow two nations to form an alliance and co-op their way into stealing the defending nation’s resources. However, the twist allows the defending nation to receive a buff (box with a question mark) which will transform one individual into a random mystical being and grant it with amazing fire-power!

Resource Wars will also offer more rewards than before and especially more during this event.

Are you a collector-at-heart? With the ever-growing expansion of the Aurora World, new Majinns continue to be discovered. Some legendary in status such as the Phoenix or half-snake/half-tortoise hybrid, the chance to own either or both awaits!

Along with the Guardians, a new set of fashion attires become available to add to one’s wardrobe. Uniquely-tailored, not only are some of these apparels magical and even futuristic in appearance, but one will even allow you to transform into a beast (Daoist set).

Change always creates new opportunities and with the introduction of the new Legacy server, players both new and old will have the chance to explore and create their own new legacy!

The Legacy server will be a place where players can seek even better gameplay balance. Throughout TAW’s beginning, the main focus was always to strive for an equal playing-field for both audiences in the free-to-play world.

With Legacy, the power-disparity between a group will never occur because one decides to focus more time in the Item Mall than oppose to actual playing. In Legacy, the most powerful players will have earned it through a bit of luck, combined with hard-work spent playing! This will be achieved through the removal of enhancements once purchasable through the mall; now the only way to obtain these these items’ is to earn Redemption Points (via daily quests and in-game/GM events). Playing pays!

**Also with as an added incentive, a free helicopter-squirrel Majinn will be given to all new characters created in the server (1 per account).

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